Paranoia Strikes Deep…Into Your Life It Will Creep

This is not ok… I am afraid, for so many reasons.

60 Minutes Segment

Here is the 60 Minutes segment on Andrew Sadek. I will continue to pray for this young man’s family.

Everyone’s Son

I have been blessed with two sons — they are 18 and 17 years old.  It has been my greatest joy to raise them, but I have also experienced my greatest worries and heartbreaks due to being their mother.  As a mother, I worry — all the time.  Every second of every day, I worry.…
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Nobody’s Right If Everybody’s Wrong…

#again Once again, terror strikes.  This time in San Bernardino, California at a state-run center for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Once again, we are a country in crisis.  Once again, innocent lives have been lost.  Once again, we pray.  Once again, we wait.  Once again, we ask WHY?