On Aldous Huxley And Anger…

I have always loved Aldous Huxley. Not only are his quotes the best, but “Brave New World” is one of my favorite books. Further, he’s just cool AF. I think he and I would have been definite besties, had I had the honor to have known the man.

“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.” Never has this quote been more believable than over the past year. It’s actually somewhat comforting to think that this just MIGHT be Hell that we’re all presently living in and that, hopefully, the next world has got to be better.

The state of politics in our country makes me physically ill on a daily basis. I was recently asked by someone whom I thought knew me well if they could ask me something. I hate when people ask me that. The follow-up question is never a good one. This was no exception. The question was, “Have you gone Repub?” I was both offended and dumbfounded. I hadn’t had a serious conversation with this person in quite a while, and that is what they wanted to ask me? I said I wanted to know what would make them ask such a thing. The answer was that it had been a long time since they had seen a “Liberal” post from me, and I was so anti-DAPL that it made them wonder. I had no idea that there were requirements that one must strictly adhere to in order to call myself a Democrat. I also didn’t know that a lack of certain posts and having a strong opinion on one certain issue made me a Republican. Well, now I know.

I was always a Democrat, but I was never a “Liberal”. I was always a Democrat, but I never blindly towed the line on any candidate or issue and made informed decisions on my own. I was always a Democrat, but I didn’t support any of the Presidential candidates this year. I was always a Democrat, but I have always respected whomever was our POTUS and prayed that they would do their best to run our country. I was always a Democrat, until I realized that I didn’t even recognize the party anymore. I was always a Democrat, until being a Democrat meant that I could no longer be Meg.

And FYI, this doesn’t mean I have “gone Repub”. Not even a little. It just means that I am really, really angry.