Yep, It’s January.

I love the New Year.  I capitalize it because it is a BIG DEAL.  It’s a whole new year, and I am not quite yet so jaded that I don’t look at this as something to celebrate.  New year, new calendar, new, new, new!!! Enter January in North Dakota.  That, my friends, is something that gets very old, very fast.  The weather is so cold and awful that you are advised to basically stay inside or die.  Blankets, space heaters, and warm hats and scarves are your best friends.  Your face hurts, your hands crack and bleed, and although you are jealous, you applaud anyone who has the good sense and good luck to travel to someplace warm during this most unholy of months.  It’s long and arduous in a good year.  The bright spots are the January birthdays of some of my favorite people:  my mom, my niece, and a few BFFs.

Enter January 2016.  I met it as warmly as I could and with my signature charm.  January retaliated with a sinus and upper respiratory infection that would have made Paul Bunyan himself cry for mercy.  FIVE doctor visits within one week,  a zillion medicinal (both Western and Eastern) remedies shoved at me, and I am not feeling any better.  I go to work, because work = life, but I have honestly been knocked flat on my frozen ass by some antibiotic-resistant bug that has set up housekeeping in my head, chest, ears, and sinuses.  I got a referral to an ENT, and I am as excited as a person can get.  What’s a girl to do when she is forced to just “wait this bug out” as one doctor told me to do?

Sleep, meds, sleep, water, sleep, clean house every day, sleep, eat well, sleep, exercise, sleep…  I also watch TV.  I am a Renaissance girl when it comes to my shows, so I have been watching a combo of The Borgias, Making a Murderer, SVU marathons, and Little House on the Prairie reruns.  I took time out of coughing and wheezing to be completely heartbroken by the death of David Bowie.  #thestarslookverydifferenttoday  Mostly, I just soldier on and wait for February.